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Shopping Guide

1. How to buy

2. Payment method (On line)

3. Size reference

4. Delivery arrangement

5. Delivery areas and charges

6. Cancellation & Exchange

7. Shop details & opening hours

8. Payment method (In store)







How to buy

Step 1. For confirmed merchandise. Press "add to cart".







Step 2. Press "check out" after purchase.






Step 3. Please input your name, email, contact number and delevery address.











Step 5. Reconfirm merchandise; total amount; sending address and postage. Press "next step" if correct and get into payment procedure.










Step 6. Select payment method

• Credit Card
XSXXL.COM accepts the following credit cards

• China Unionpay


You may made your payment throught China Unionpay.

• Alipay


Alipay is also welcome. Please select as payment method.



PayPal is accepted. Proceed through our online checkout and select PayPal as your payment.

STEP 7. You will receive a confirmation email from the system, after complete the payment procedure. Upon merchandise delivery, a notice will be sent to your registered email address automatically, with the details of delivery; air way bill number of courier service.





On line payment method

XSXXL.COM - Below payment method is welcome and accepted

• Credit card

• China Unionpay


• Alipay




Remarks :
Selling price is quote either by HK Dollar or US Dollar.




Size reference

W : Waist
L : Length

Size mark & actual size of merchandise may not be the same for different label. (i.e. XXL , 3XL)

Suggest to base on the width and length as reference. (W) & (L),

Cutting of pants are in many ways, even with the same tag of waist, but actual size may not the same.(i.e Actual size of slim jeans/pants is smaller than loose pattern / style.

Please note.
Slim Cut
Regular Cut
Loose Fit




Delivery arrangement

In order to enjoy the best courier service with reasonable cost, 3 courier companies are selected by XSXXL.COM covering 4 different areas.

• S. F. Express : Local (HK and Macau)
S. F. Express is appointed for local delivery. It provides on line searching system. Customer can search the delivery schedule at (Free delivery for purchase over HK$ 1,000.-)

• S. F. Express : Major cities in mainland China & Taiwan.
S. F. Express is appointed for local delivery. It provides on line searching system. Customer can search the delivery schedule at

• SCS Express : South Korea
SCS Express is appointed for major cities in Korea. It provides on line searching system. Customer can search the delivery schedule at

• EMS(by HongKong Post) : Other cover areas
For other cover areas, HK Speedpost will take care of it. Customer can search the delivery schedule at

Remarks :
- After payment confirmed, will delivery it in 1 - 3 days.
- Delivery service is only apply to designated areas. (For details, please refer to P5, the service areas and charges) Other countries are not included.
- We will try our best to make sure the delivery is up to our expectation. For prompt delivery, a full details of sending address and addresses and contact telephone number is required.





Delivery areas and charges

Country/Region City/Province 0.50kg 1.00kg 1.50kg 2.00kg 2.50kg 3.00kg 3.50kg 4.00kg 4.50kg 5.00kg 5.50kg 6.00kg 6.50kg 7.00kg 7.50kg 8.00kg
Australia Australia 19.00 26.00 33.00 40.00 46.00 53.00 60.00 67.00 74.00 85.00 88.00 94.00 101.00 87.00 92.00 107.00
Canada Canada
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Japan Japan
Macau Macau
Malaysia Malaysia 16.00 19.00 22.00 25.00 28.00 31.00 34.00 37.00 39.00 42.00 45.00 48.00 50.00 53.00 55.00 58.00
New Zealand New Zealand
Singapore Singapore 15.00 18.00 21.00 24.00 27.00 30.00 33.00 36.00 39.00 42.00 45.00 48.00 51.00 53.00 56.00 58.00
South Korea Other Cities
South Korea Seoul
Switzerland Switzerland
Thailand Thailand
United Kingdom United Kingdom
United State United State
中国 上海市
中国 乌鲁木齐市
中国 兰州市
中国 北京市
中国 吉林省
中国 呼和浩特市
中国 四川省
中国 天津市
中国 安徽省
中国 山东省
中国 山西省
中国 广东省
中国 广西省
中国 昆明市
中国 江苏省
中国 江西省
中国 河北省
中国 河南省
中国 浙江省
中国 海南省
中国 湖北省
中国 湖南省
中国 福建省
中国 贵阳市
中国 辽宁省
中国 重庆市
中国 银川市
中国 陕西省
中国 黑龙江省
台灣 台灣




Cancellation & Exchange

Cancellation request must be sent to from the same email user within 24 hrs after order confirmation. Cancellation is not valid before cancellation accept reply from Application is not accept over 24 hrs.

To assure the standard of quality, all merchandise(s) are fully checked. Under all circumstances, exchange should fill in with "Exchange policy". For further details please visit the shipping. Please pay attention and study carefully to size matter.





Shop location & Open Hours

Address: Room 913, Kwai Cheong Centre, 40 - 52 Kwai Cheong Road,
Kwai Chung, N.T.Hong Kong.
Telephon : (852) 2610 0161
(852)9229 8808
Open Hours: 12:00 p.m. – 08:00p.m (Mon to Fri)
12:00 p.m. – 06:00p.m (Sat & Sun)







Payment method

Payment method as below:

• Credit card

• UnionPay




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